Terms & Conditions

Definitions & Interpretations:

"The Company”: Means EPL-UK Ltd and any subcontractor for the company.
"The Client”: Means the Organisation or individual that signs the ”Booking Form” and raises the "Purchase Order” and who the Company contract is with for delivery of the training courses as per the signed "Booking Form”
"The Delegate”: Means the individual attending the training
"The Fees”: Means any Monies payable by the Client to the Company for Training Services as stated on the "Booking Form”
"Cancellations”: Means Cancellation by the Client or Delegate to attend a confirmed course 
"Training Courses”: Means the delivery of training either Public Schedule, In-house or Bespoke
"Course Material”: Means the materials provided before, during and after the course including any examinations
"Purchase Order”: Means a written confirmation by the Client of purchase
"Booking Form”: Means a completed signed booking form by the Client or Delegate. 
"Booking” is only confirmed once a Signed "Booking form” and "Purchase Order” have been received by the Company either by fax, email or post.
"Working Days” means Monday through to Friday excluding Saturday and Sunday

Booking Process: 

Booking form sent to: booking@epl-uk.co.uk. On receipt of the booking form the company will contact the Client or Delegate to confirm the booking and Fees payable, at this point the Client or Delegate must sign the Booking form and return by email, fax or post this to the Company. On receipt of the signed booking form the Booking is then confirmed. 2 weeks prior to the training course commences the Delegate will receive confirmation, joining instructions and pre-course reading required before the commencement.

Payment Terms:

All courses must be paid for in full before the start date of the training course. Failure to pay in full 20 working days in advance of the training course start date may result in the Delegate being removed from the training Course.

Cancellations & changes must be made in writing to info@epl-uk.co.uk. EPL-UK Ltd reserves the right to charge a 10% surcharge for late payment. Price shown is exclusive of VAT which will be applied at the current rate.


The Fees payable will be stated on the Booking Form. VAT is payable on all bookings and will be charged at the current rate. The Fees include the Tuition for specified duration, Course Material, refreshments and lunch.

In-house training provided more than 45 miles from Northampton (NN1), will incur trainer travel and accommodation expenses up to £100 per day. This will only be charged at cost only to a maximum of £100 per day (an itemised bill will be provided).


All Cancellations by the Client or Delegate must be placed in writing and sent the company either by fax, email or post.  In addition the Client or Delegate should contact the company by phone to confirm the Cancellation. A cancellation must be received in writing and by phone at least 20 working days prior to the course start date.

The following charges will apply in the event of cancellation by a customer once a booking has been confirmed:

  • Cancellation more than 20 working days prior to event = 50%
  • Cancellation 11 to 20 working days prior to event = 75% of delivery charges plus any expenses incurred.
  • Cancellation 10 or less working days prior to event = 100% of delivery charges plus any expenses incurred 


The following charges are applicable in the event of a booking being rescheduled by the client:

  • Rescheduling more than 20 working days prior to event = £50.00 Administration fee
  • Rescheduling 11 to 20 working days prior to event = 50% of delivery charges plus any expenses incurred.
  • Rescheduling 10 or less working days prior to event = 100% of delivery charges plus any expenses incurred 

EPL-UK Ltd reserves the right to cancel any course with insufficient bookings up to 14 days prior to the commencement date. Delegates already booked will be offered alternative places or a full refund.

‚ÄčTraining courses:

The Company is committed to providing the highest quality training solutions. Therefore we work with accredited 3rd party partner companies to deliver our courses. All courses will be delivered by experienced qualified instructors. The published course content is to be used as a guide. However, the company reserve the right to make reasonable changes without prior notice. It is the Client or Delegates responsibility to ensure that they meet all the necessary pre requisites of the course and examination. Failure to do so will result in removal from the Course without any refund of Course fees.


All the intellectual Property rights for all the courseware will remain the property of EPL-UK Ltd or the accredited partners responsible for the development of the course.

The Client agrees not to reproduce, sell, hire or copy Courseware in whole or in part.